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Dubai session review

My session review with Mistress Arella

A few days ago, I had the chance and the privilege to meet Mistress Arella in Dubai for the second time.

The first time I met her was for a duo session with Mistress Heelena in London around 8 years ago. Since then, I moved to Middle East. What a nice surprise to see that this stunning Mistress had an available session in Dubai for a selected slave.

The nice way to settle a session with such a Mistress is to send her an email introducing yourself and stating all your femdom interests, Mistress Arella is well known in the business and you need to captivate her attention if you want to have a chance serving her in person, she will select slaves carefully, so if you want to meet her, avoid sending her a two lines email.

I usually don’t meet professional mistresses, I have more experience with escort girls which provide some kinds of BDSM but by far not the same experience as the ones I had with Mistress Arella!

She replied to my email within hours, telling me that she remembered me and that she will be pleased to have a session with me in Dubai. I was very happy but as well very anxious and nervous, I had fears not to meet her expectations. I almost didn’t sleep the night before, thinking about how the session will be.

A couple of days before the session I wrote her again about my likes and dislikes, what I would like to try and the atmosphere that I prefer during the session. I don’t like it to be too strict, I prefer to have a casual atmosphere where Mistress is leading the session in a more relaxing way than the hardcore BDSM which is an unknown world for me so far.

I met Mistress Arella in the hotel room, she was stunning, she selected some clothes and shoes which were exactly the ones I was dreaming of, she looked even more beautiful than on her photos (if that’s possible!). She sat on the couch and asked me to kneel in front of her, she showed me her nice pedicured feet and I started to massage them while we discussed about the session, my fears and some daily news. She is well educated and I had a lot of pleasure talking with her while massaging her feet, it’s a nice way to get the session starting!

She then continued with all my BDSM interests, one by one, and taking very good care of me, finding my limits and pushing them softly.

During this 90 minutes session, I experienced:

  • Foot worship (the best feet you will ever see)
  • Trampling barefoot and with high heels
  • Nipple torture, she stood full weight on my nipples with her heels! What a pleasure.
  • Facesitting, I had to hold my breath for her, longer and longer even with tape on my mouth!
  • I was put under a couch, she sat on the couch and I had to worship her feet while suffering under the heavy combined weight, it was so nice!
  • CBT, this was an initiation for me, I still have to work on it as Mistress Arella told me, I will do my best for the next time!

It was a wonderful session, well conducted and the most important thing for me, Mistress Arella is really giving you what you ask for, every single line of the email I sent her was read, she didn’t forget anything at all which at the end gives a perfect session.

I can’t wait to meet her again and to push my limits, especially in CBT where I’m a novice.

I can only recommend Mistress Arella, she has been in the business for more than 10 years. She is a beautiful lady and for sure you will get what you ask for!

Thank you Mistress, I really hope that I will be able to meet you again soon, hopefully not in 8 years!

Under you,


Revisiting Dubai November 4th-6th

Limited availability – please enquire.

Rates 2000 AED / hr, deposits from new clients are required.

Email your preferences as well as detailed availability to: dom.arella@gmail.com


Shopping slaves – treat me to something nice from Planeta Mexa or take me shopping to the Burjuman mall. Do state your budget when contacting me. Alternatively, get me this gift card. You can also invite me to lunch on 6th.


Words of appreciation – Dubai

Dear Mistress Arella,

I wanted to thank you for a really amazing session. You are incredibly beautiful and very dominant. Your faceslaps were super hard and accurate. Really enjoyed your spits as you were really working them up. Enjoyed everything also including footworship, smelling your armpits and your verbal humiliation.

Hope you had fun too and hope you plan a return Dubai trip.

Your slave J.


Good Evening my Mistress,

Just wanted to thank you again for accepting my invitation & giving me the chance to meet you in person.

You are an extremely wonderful person & I really enjoyed every moment that I spent with you.

I hope that you had a good time in Dubai & I wish to have another chance to meet you in the future.



Hi Mistress,

Thank you so much for the amazing session……… You are beautiful, smart, well educated, cultured and full of joy……….That makes everyone love you and your personality.

Once again thank you so much for giving me this honor, I will always do my best to please you………