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Almost indispensable item today, car insurance varies according to the profile of the policyholder. Have you ever stopped to think how insurers define what price to charge? In general, the insurance company analyzes four questions to evaluate the price to be charged: Car Model, Driver Profile, Address and Safety Equipment. Here’s how to get the best price on each of these items:

How to get a better price on car model analysis

How to get a better price on car model analysis

1) Simulate the value of car insurance before buying the car

60% of what you pay for insurance is due to the model of the car you have. The insurer evaluates theft or rate of this model, if it has different accessories that are sure to be more difficult or expensive to recover in case of collision or theft, among other features of the vehicle.

To have the best price is to simulate the value of insurance before you even buy the car. You can do this with online brokers, like ComparaOnline. This research is important because the same model can have different values ​​in each insurer.

2) Avoid cars with greater risk

Luxury cars, utilities, old or out of line and those more stolen models usually have an insurance that can be up to 4x more expensive than cars outside of these categories.

3) Choose well the type of franchise

The deductible is the amount that the customer pays in case of partial loss that does not involve third parties, bearing part of the loss. If you know how to choose the type of franchise, this will help to reduce the value of insurance, as shown in the table below:

The deductible is the mandatory value that the insured pays in case of partial loss of the vehicle. When choosing the Normal Franchise, the insured pays the total amount established for the category of his vehicle, already in the reduced deductible he pays half of the value of the category of the vehicle. In practice it would look like this: imagine 2 customers who own the same car whose repair of the sinister would be $ 8,000. The one who hired the normal franchise, will pay $ 2,000 for the repair and the insurer pays the remaining $ 6,000. Those who hired the reduced franchise will pay R $ 1000, that is, half the normal rate and the insurer will complete the remaining R $ 7,000.

4) Know the value of mileage

The higher the value of mileage, the higher the risk your car is exposed to and this makes car insurance more expensive. When filling out the form, inform a mileage that matches your reality or this small detail to change the price a lot.

How to get a better price on Driver Profile analysis

How to get a better price on Driver Profile analysis

The Driver Profile represents 20% of the price and in this case the variables are large. Women pay cheaper than men but regardless of gender, anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 will pay a little more. Marital status is another influence point. Married people pay more cheaply, divorcers tend to pay a little more, since they are among those most involved in claims. To get a better price, look at these tips:

5) Have a good Driver History

The less you get involved in claims or you have triggered your previous insurer, the more chances you have of cheapening your car insurance, because your background proves that you are less likely to insure than another driver.

6) Enjoy your Bonus

When you have a good track record, insurers often offer a bonus that is nothing more than an award for their “good behavior.” Each insurer has its bonus policy but in general a bonus allows you to accumulate points or ratings that can even improve the value of your insurance on renewal, even when it is done with another insurer. It is a benefit that you do not lose with the transfer.

How to get a better price on Driver’s Address Analysis

How to get a better price on Driver

Representing 10% of the price of the insurance of the car is the Driver’s Address where the risk degree of that place was worth.

7) Have a Garage:

If your car is in the garage, it is less risk of thefts and accidents and this certainly makes your insurance cheaper.

8) Do not use the home address of the interior

A car with an address inside will be much cheaper than with an address in the capital, but if you inform that address you are not able to risk being unenforced in the event of anything happening and proving that your real address was not that. Not being compensated is much more expensive than paying for the real address.

How to guarantee 10% discount


Safety Equipment adds up to the remaining 10% for the final price. Maybe this is the item where getting a good discount is easier.

9) Install safety equipment

When a car has trackers or any equipment if safety, the value of the car insurance can be reduced up to 10%.