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Day after day, I meet people coming to a mortgage advisor. It’s great when people fill their dreams and want to have their own housing.

But many people may not be aware of the mortgage risk

But many people may not be aware of the mortgage risk

And here comes the real problem, even if it does not look like it at first glance. Many of us take too much weight without further analysis. Just our emotional coefficient wins. Well, sometimes the head asks us, “What if it is not …?”

If we can not answer the basic questions, what happens if there is a situation that will significantly affect our future, it is good to stop for a while and think about how to secure it. Therefore, if we are embarking on a long-term struggle, we do not forget to listen to the other side.

The one who tells you that not everything over the next 30 years will go according to plan or imagination. But even in this case, there is a solution to minimize possible negative impacts.



Choose a counselor who will prepare the plan based on your commitment to ensure that nothing will betray you. In other industries, the golden rule applies here. For little money little music. It’s not just a phrase, it’s a fact.

If you want to keep your dream of living under control, you need not only to find the right advisor but also to “sacrifice” part of your finances. How much should it be?

The price


The price may vary. It depends on the individual aspects of age, occupation, amount of security, property prices, your obligations, and so on. The standard price for quality insurance that meets the purpose is 5-10% of family income.

It is not a negligible item, but rather the right question is: “Am I willing to pay for a service that will bring me peace and quiet if something happens in those 30 years?”


The client has a mortgage of 150,000 Euros. He and his wife earn more than 3,000 Euro a month. They have an annual son.

They pay a total of 146 Euros per month for insurance. And what did they get?

  • If something happens to one of them the mortgage will be paid out.
  • In the event of an accident, not only will the mortgage be paid out, but they will take care of a dignified life through a lifelong annuity.
  • In case of loss of income due to PN or injury, they do not have to rush to work, but they may undergo the necessary treatment at rest.
  • Monthly mortgage payments and total family expenses will be paid.
  • And especially they know that if something happens to them in the next 30 years, their son will have a roof over his head and finances for a decent start to life.