Is the baby’s loan right now?

The fact that baby loans are on the rise gives many people an ideal point of contention. Why is it good? Why is it wrong? Fair? There are many questions that come to us as well. There are pro-counter arguments, but we think positive ones are preferred. We will also show the details.

No interest is payable


A clear advantage over market rate loans is that there is no interest payment obligation. Even though interest rates are very low and even though the calculator on the page shows the best loan on the market, you cannot compete with it. But of course you don’t have to. For those who are having a baby, they are taking advantage of this opportunity, and those who do not find a good and expensive loan for themselves, with the help of the aforementioned calculator.

No cover

No cover

It is also an advantage that there is no need to cover this amount. This is what the state assumes. That is, it works almost like a special personal loan. The bank examines only our solvency and credit history, but not real estate. Another good news is that you can take out a baby loan with a minimum wage, but not the maximum 10 million forints.

Maximized repaymentWe cannot categorize it as a positive, that the monthly repayment cannot exceed 50 thousand HUF . It is an easy-to-plan and, in fact, easy-to-manage amount, not to mention that it doesn’t always have to be paid.

More children, more benefits

More children, more benefits

As soon as the first baby is born, the loan can be suspended for 3 years. With the arrival of the second baby, we gain another 3 years, and in fact 30% of our debt is gone. And if our third baby is born, all of our debt is extinguished .

This of course does not mean that 3 children have to bear otherwise it is not worth this loan. It just means that we can enjoy additional benefits in this case.

Let’s make sure that our first baby is born within 5 years so that we do not lose our initial support. For example, interest-free. This is the only negative we can say about this contract, but that is a round pretense in the terms. So it’s not a sackcloth.

If you want to know all the Baby Insuranc loan, then contact us! We will help you with this and with all your home plans. Our goal is to be the best you can be.