Birthday dinner

I love to be spoilt with gourmet meals…


Picture by Mistress Arella – Intercontinental Prague

Weekend in Berlin

Last weekend was fun. A slave and I went to Berlin to shop, dine and relax.

We stayed in a presidential suite of a chic hotel, had room service in the mornings and afterwards went to swimming pool and sauna. On Sunday the slave attended my pedicure so my feet are nice and smooth again, just waiting to be worshipped. We dined in my favourite hotel Concorde, an opulent event that took full 4 hours.  Other than that we had a couple of lovely meals in the Kempinski hotel restaurants. Of course we found time to pop into KaDeWe as well as a local fetish shop.

It was such a lovely weekend but so short… Time does fly fast when you are having fun!


Picture by M. Arella – Kempinski Berlin Le Grill


Holidays with my slave

A few months ago I was invited on holidays by a good slave of mine. I chose Portugal and decided to spend a few days on the mainland and the rest on Madeira. I can honestly say that it turned out to be the most enjoyable holidays of my life. I was served in so many different ways that it would take me whole day to list them here all. Just to give you an idea; the slave served me meals, snacks and drinks, massaged my feet after a whole day trek, chauffeured me on the island, made my bed every morning, kept the apartment tidy and surprised me with at least one present each day. And because he was such a good boy, he was allowed to worship my exquisite body almost every night. That´s what I call heaven!



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My favourite toys

These are two of my favourite toys that I use with my most fortunate personal slaves only. The dilemma is obvious – to ride his strap-on or to ride his gag?


dildo gag


From the moment I first met Mistress Arella in 2011, I was hooked. Her witty mind, enchanting beauty, and intelligent outlook on life captured me in Her web with no possibility of escape. After several months of proving myself, Mistress Arella offered me a binding slave contract, making me Her personal servant. I have been owned and trained by Her ever since.

I have had the wonderful privilege of being allowed to spoil Her in numerous ways. To name only a few: I shower my Goddess with gifts, treat Her to gourmet meals in restaurants of Her choice, work as Her personal assistant, and occasionally cook for Her.

Mistress and I make numerous trips to destinations throughout Europe. Wherever we go, I ensure that Her accommodations are in an up-market hotel or a chic apartment where I can attend to Her every need. It is my pleasure to take my Mistress shopping, whether we are abroad or in Prague where She´s currently based.

Whenever there is a car at our disposal, I chauffeur my Mistress wherever She wishes. I pamper Her like a Queen, bathe Her, give Her massages, style Her wonderful hair, and attend to Her pedicure. I serve Her snacks and drinks. I help Her dress and shine Her shoes. I carry Her bags. I also run errands for Her. I enjoy my butler duties very much.

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who genuinely enjoys the posh lifestyle as much as Mistress Arella does. I can wholeheartedly say, that She is the most exclusive woman, someone who truly deserves to be spoiled and pampered.

Gradually Mistress Arella has taken full control over my body and mind and I love every second of it. I can´t imagine my life without my wonderful Owner.

Mistress Arella´s Pet


The Diary of a Kinky Girl

Have you read my book The Diary of a Kinky Girl yet? The average Amazon rating is 5*!

summer in the garden watermark

My clips

You can buy my clips here: meanclips.com/stores/MistressArella

Caned for sloppy work photo 4

I have also made a number of movies for famous femdom sites such as OWK, The English Mansion, Woman Worship, Extreme Footdom, Royal Mistress, Strict Women and some other.


Whip and gloves

Recently my slave and I went shopping and found this gorgeous pair of soft leather gloves and a fierce single tail leather whip. I love to tease him with the first present and punish him with the other one.

gloves and whip