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London visit September 23-24

Dear fans,

I am back in London September 23-24. You can book a hotel session for either of the days. The tribute is 200 GBP / hr of which I require 25% up front (transfer into my UK account or payment by credit card). I´ll be staying close to Heathrow this time. Kindly book early to avoid disappointment. I specialize in foot domination, casual domination, humiliation, servitude training, personal slavery and more. Dinner / lunch date can be booked. Apply by email:


Middle East tour this September

Please note the dates below for my Middle East tour:

Istanbul September 9 (PM) and September 15 (PM) deposits recommended

Cairo  September 10 (PM) – 15 (AM) deposits required

Qatar, Dubai – October, accepting sponsored invitations

Applicants sending unclear, sloppy enquiries will need to go through a paid interview to be considered.

Reliable, solvent, generous personal slavery applicants and long arrangements are welcome. Dinner dates can be booked.




Dubai session review

My session review with Mistress Arella

A few days ago, I had the chance and the privilege to meet Mistress Arella in Dubai for the second time.

The first time I met her was for a duo session with Mistress Heelena in London around 8 years ago. Since then, I moved to Middle East. What a nice surprise to see that this stunning Mistress had an available session in Dubai for a selected slave.

The nice way to settle a session with such a Mistress is to send her an email introducing yourself and stating all your femdom interests, Mistress Arella is well known in the business and you need to captivate her attention if you want to have a chance serving her in person, she will select slaves carefully, so if you want to meet her, avoid sending her a two lines email.

I usually don’t meet professional mistresses, I have more experience with escort girls which provide some kinds of BDSM but by far not the same experience as the ones I had with Mistress Arella!

She replied to my email within hours, telling me that she remembered me and that she will be pleased to have a session with me in Dubai. I was very happy but as well very anxious and nervous, I had fears not to meet her expectations. I almost didn’t sleep the night before, thinking about how the session will be.

A couple of days before the session I wrote her again about my likes and dislikes, what I would like to try and the atmosphere that I prefer during the session. I don’t like it to be too strict, I prefer to have a casual atmosphere where Mistress is leading the session in a more relaxing way than the hardcore BDSM which is an unknown world for me so far.

I met Mistress Arella in the hotel room, she was stunning, she selected some clothes and shoes which were exactly the ones I was dreaming of, she looked even more beautiful than on her photos (if that’s possible!). She sat on the couch and asked me to kneel in front of her, she showed me her nice pedicured feet and I started to massage them while we discussed about the session, my fears and some daily news. She is well educated and I had a lot of pleasure talking with her while massaging her feet, it’s a nice way to get the session starting!

She then continued with all my BDSM interests, one by one, and taking very good care of me, finding my limits and pushing them softly.

During this 90 minutes session, I experienced:

  • Foot worship (the best feet you will ever see)
  • Trampling barefoot and with high heels
  • Nipple torture, she stood full weight on my nipples with her heels! What a pleasure.
  • Facesitting, I had to hold my breath for her, longer and longer even with tape on my mouth!
  • I was put under a couch, she sat on the couch and I had to worship her feet while suffering under the heavy combined weight, it was so nice!
  • CBT, this was an initiation for me, I still have to work on it as Mistress Arella told me, I will do my best for the next time!

It was a wonderful session, well conducted and the most important thing for me, Mistress Arella is really giving you what you ask for, every single line of the email I sent her was read, she didn’t forget anything at all which at the end gives a perfect session.

I can’t wait to meet her again and to push my limits, especially in CBT where I’m a novice.

I can only recommend Mistress Arella, she has been in the business for more than 10 years. She is a beautiful lady and for sure you will get what you ask for!

Thank you Mistress, I really hope that I will be able to meet you again soon, hopefully not in 8 years!

Under you,


Manama trip

Just to say ‘shukran’ to M. and N. for sharing my travel costs to Bahrain that I visited this week. I briefly stopped in Dubai too and hope to be back soon. If you would like to invite me to the Gulf, please email.

Cairo sessions in September

Exciting news for my Egyptian fans! I will be visiting my personal slave in Cairo this September and while in the country, I will be available for sessions with new subs as well.

If you wish to apply, you need to contact me by email ( but before you do so, be warned that I do not entertain timewasters, immature and insolvent types. Ever. ALL applicants for Cairo sessions need to comply with my *online screening process* – no exceptions!

Bahrain visit July 6th-8th

Arab fans, please note I will be travelling to Bahrain July 6th-8th by invitation. However, I may have a few slots available for other subs as well, particularly those with references or willing to pay a small up front deposit. Double sessions with Mistress Heelena will also be available. Email for details and don´t forget to introduce yourself and your femdom interests.

Update:  Now I also have one slot available in Dubai on July 6th AM!


hello fans,

I would like to do another professional photoshoot in Prague soon. If anyone would like to sponsor it, I would be delighted.

I can give you a set of not to be published images from that particular shoot or can treat you to some Skype time or you can even attend the shoot itself if you are based in Prague (if you want to actively participate, you would need to be of athletic built and be comfortable showing your face or at least most of it).

The estimate cost would be 220 eur.




Shopping Prague and Berlin

All courtesy of my wonderful slave N.

Commitment fetish

There is a widely spread misconception that Western (or westernized) men are scared of commitment, are not keen to get married and have trouble communicating their emotions. From my experience it´s quite the other way round. I have been literally stalked by marriage / committed relationship applicants since I can remember. I see men getting emotional and even crying all the time. Sometimes it really makes me wonder. What am I doing to them?

The thing is, that I’m not even trying. Sure, I do tease them but I don’t really play games, give them hope etc. In fact I am known to brutally honest and usually just try to kill it right there at the start. Does it ever work? Totally not. The more I try to put them off, the more they come crawling under my feet. Some even get so obsessed that they start showing my pictures to their colleagues and friends and refer about me as their “wife”. Obviously, the whole thing is very frustrating for them and sometimes for me as well but they all have a blast while serving me. From the psychological point of view, it is extremely fascinating – the jealousy, the possessivness, the desperation, the competitiveness, the devotion, the hurt feelings and the theatricality.

You may wonder – how can I possibly put up with it? It may be hard sometimes but the reason is that the drama is very generously compensated by the best servitude any dominant woman can ever hope for. Holidays, spa visits, fine dining, shopping, fun in and outside of dungeons, personal and intimate servitude in case of mutual attraction combined with a degree of emotional fulfillment when there is genuine connection. This connection may only happen when the man submits to me fully, without conditions and compromises and proves himself 100% loyal. That means he should not be in any other relationship while serving me. If he is, I may still allow him to serve me but he would not be taken as seriously as someone without a girlfriend or a wife.

The most mind-blowing aspect of the D/s relationships is, that as an attractive dominant woman you are totally not taken for granted by your submissive fans. For some of them it may be the only chance they will ever get to be real slaves to a beautiful Goddess. They know it and are usually grateful and appreciative. But of course when it comes to feelings, one has to tread carefully. When things get sour, it is best to get out (or let him get out) and hope the sub will just move on with his life. Some accept the end of our arrangement gracefully, others less so. One way or the other, it is great to know I have made a real difference to someone’s life even if the major fantasy – to get married to me – will remain unfulfilled for most.

Holidays with a toyboy slave

Where do I start? I had such an amazing time with my sexy Middle Eastern slave this month! We spent six days together, half of the time in Prague and the rest in Berlin. We had some nice meals and of course I was taken shopping in both cities. In Prague I was pampered with a visit to my favourite spa where I decided to get extra naughty and treat us both to a Romeo and Juliet couple massage combined with rose petal bath. Drinks, candles and fresh fruit that we fed each other with – if it sounds romantic, it was! The massage was from heaven and we could had easily spent the whole afternoon in the bath. Nothing makes you feel quite as royal and spoilt as this treatment.

On Wednesday the slave and I flew to Berlin. This was already our second holidays together but actually the first time we travelled with each other. I did not expect much more than the usual airport nuisance but I was wrong. From the first minute the slave took great care to ensure I had everything I needed – snacks, drinks and, of course, fun. He did his best to relax me on the flight by putting headphones with calming music over my ears, his muscular arm served as a comfortable head rest and he was being silly kissing my feet and hands on the plane (and later on in taxi) which was just irresistibly cute.

When we checked into our apartment, my charming toyboy slave was put to work immediately – tea was prepared, clothes were ironed, feet were massaged. We then went out for dinner and on the way back the slave made sure urgently needed cosmetics was found and purchased. I was amazed.

The next day after lunch we had a session scheduled in the famous Avalon studio. We got a well equipped room with a prison cell that turned out to be perfect for us. After some warm up torture on the bondage rack the slave decided to challenge me – something I already experienced in our last session we had in Dubai last year. I was impressed with his courage and his overall attitude. Once he was locked up in the cell, I took the key out of the room thinking about all the teasy scenarios I could now explore. Little did I know my young, fit slave would manage to escape from the massive cage within a couple of minutes. Was I having a session with a talented escape artist? It was clear I had to try harder so I made N. wear bondage mittens that were then attached to the bars of the cage in a rather complicated manner. The slave was made extra uncomfortable by wearing a collar with pins inside. Now the real tease could begin as I was wearing no panties – I previously used them to gag the slave who was being rather loud while being tortured on the rack.

What happened next I will keep private. Later on the slave was suspended by his arms and whipped mercilessly. Half of the time he was on his tiptoes and for the rest he was just hanging there with his feet in mid-air. I was totally amused by the time I was done with him, especially as he was encouraging me to make him as uncomfortable as possible. To calm the slave down I provided some aftercare / TLC at the very end of the session. We spent the rest of the day in the apartment where N. prepared my dinner and bath and of course pampered me with another relaxing foot massage. Later, when I was already in bed, he hand-washed my lingerie.

In the morning the slave was nowhere to be seen so I entered his bedroom quietly. This is always a very special moment when I wake my favourite personal slaves up. He opened his eyes immediately and jumped out of the bed to prepare my breakfast. He insisted on feeding me the banana I asked for by cutting it into pieces and putting them into my mouth one by one. We then did some sightseeing, had lunch and indulged in more shopping. N. later attended a business meeting which could possibly result in his relocation closer to me while I went for a swim in the hotel pool. When he got back I could see he was becoming emotional as we would be leaving the next morning, something he was actually anxious about from the beginning of our holidays. I did my best to reassure him I was counting on him for the future as he was seriously disturbed by the idea that I might get rid of him one day. We then fooled around a bit and the slave was granted the biggest possible privilege – to worship my exquisite body. As a souvenir he was allowed to keep the thong I was wearing that night. In fact he was so proud of the little gift he got from me that he was wearing it around his neck as a scarf the next morning. I love it how he´s always trying to make me laugh.

I am already thinking about our next holidays although it may be a few months before we will be able to meet again. That gives me enough time to prepare a D/s contract that I plan to give N. to sign.

Rose petal bath for two with drinks and fruit platter

My slaves know I like flowers

Feeding my slave snails in a Berlin brasserie