July 30, 2019 admin

Day after day, I meet people coming to a mortgage advisor. It’s great when people fill their dreams and want to have their own housing. But many people may not be aware of the mortgage risk And here comes the real problem, even if it does not look like it at first glance. Many of us take too much weight without further analysis. Just our emotional coefficient wins. Well, sometimes the head asks us, “What if it is not …?” If we can not answer the basic questions, what happens if there is a situation that will significantly affect our…

July 1, 2019 admin

Do you have insurance benefits? Do you end your life insurance or are you about to cancel it? Read when you are required to pay tax and when you don’t have to. When you pay tax You pay the tax whenever your insurance company pays you more than you paid to the insurance company . It concerns investment, capital and deposit life insurance. Income in life insurance is not taxed during the course of insurance . You will only pay the income tax after the insurance is over and the insurance company will pay it by way of a deduction….