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Latest pair of Italian leather boots for my collection

Freshly delivered! Courtesy of slave Unterwuerfling.


Charlie Pycraft photography (London)

Recently I booked my favourite photographer Charlie Pycraft for an urban “leather n’ boots” theme photo shoot. I first met Charlie back in 2007 and have worked with him on a number of occasions since. He has proved extremely reliable, friendly, easy to work with, respectful and innovative over the years. Charlie is clearly passionate about photography and it shows! He is based in central London but willing to travel and his rates are competitive. I have found our ongoing cooperation to be very beneficial and just cannot recommend him enough. He has plenty of references from well known UK dommes available upon a request and is happy to work in professional photo studios and dungeons as well as in domestic settings and outdoors. See a small sample of his work below.


Foot delight

A few new pictures for the foot lovers!





Funny enquiries 3

English guy: Any reduced price because I can lick my cock?

My comment: No but I will reconsider if you can also shove a melon up your ass.

Another English bloke: Can I ask you a question?

My comment:  It seems you are well aware your question is totally inappropriate, hence your hesitation.

Generic guy: I am 32  (36, 45, 29) years old single (divorced) guy from France (England, USA, Belgium) and I wonder if I can be your boyfriend.

My comment: How embarrassing. Lazy loser with high self esteem looking for a trophy girlfriend from the safety of his home. What makes you think I could get excited over some socially challenged Tom or Harry wanking his little dirty cock over my images?

Another Generic guy: I am Paul (Dick, Sam). Can I be your slave?

My comment: Thank you for sending your CV to our company. However, we regret to inform you that it ended up in the corporate bin since you sound like a useless piece of shit with no skills, no brain and no self-respect. We wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

Yet another English sub: I am into the scat fantasy. I would love to be trained by you on a regular basis and eventually become your personal slave.

My comment: I think I’d rather stick to all those boring subs who pay my bills, get me stuff, take me on holidays, buy me delicious meals, photograph me, do my pedicure, massage my body, chauffeur me, give me credit cards, carry my bags, clean my house, run my errands, help me with  promotion and research, work on my websites, style my hair, get my groceries, hand wash my delicates, prepare my breakfast / snacks, take me to spa / golf , worship my body, shine my nails, teach me their expertise, keep me intellectually stimulated, polish my shoes, let me use their properties, fix my computer bugs, maintain my garden and make me laugh. 


Chinese symbol for “slave”. A tattoo that my human property got on his arm years ago.

Black and white

DSC_0221These custom made leather panties I got from my Indian ex slave while the gloves were bought by my personal slave during one of my visits to The Netherlands.



You work, I relax…

Contribute to my leisure here.


Weekend at the Mcely chateau

Last weekend my personal slave and I went to the lovely Mcely castle to dine and relax. I am bringing you a few images we took there for you to enjoy…


Mcely dining