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Useless subs go to hell!

Please me now!

DSC_0108Clothes, earrings and Dior lipstick are all gifts from my slaves. 


Funny enquiries 2

American guy: I am lonely and just want to talk to someone who would understand me but don’t want to pay because that would make me feel like a loser.

My comment: Actually begging a pro domme for freebies is what makes you a loser, piss taker and time waster.

Austrian guy: Do you accept prepaid XY cards? I share the bank account with my parents so can’t tribute any other way.

My comment: No but you can send some gold nuggets into my PO Box.

English guy: Can you wait two months for the next tribute but keep talking to me in the meantime?

My comment: Sounds like a great deal indeed.

Dutch guy: Financial servitude is not servitude. It is paying.

My comment: ??????

Brazilian guy: How can a financially unfit slave serve you?

My comment: By keeping his distance from me.

Generic guy: How can I contact you?

My comment: It seems you already figured this problem out. 

Czech guy: Just to let you know that I’m not interested in that position you are advertising. (Out of blue, no previous contact.)

My comment: Thanks for telling me. I hope the other 6 billion people who are not interested either will also email me shortly.




A few not so recent gifts…


Do I look classy wearing a dark Guerlain lipstick, Ray-Ban sun glasses, a pair of amber earrings, fitted black dress and a Baume et Mercier watch? One of these things I actually bought myself. Can you guess which one?

Items for sale

I have moved all personal items that you can purchase onto a seperate page.


Poll 2 results

I am very pleased that most of you voted for leather and it seems quite a few of you guys like furs too. Awesome!

POll 2

Summer dress

Yesterday I did a photo shoot in a park and here’s one of the images!

There were a few reasons why I decided to wear this plain summer dress. It was seriously hot so white loose cotton garment was an obvious choice. I also realized that I never post pictures of gifts I got from my fans prior to 2013 when this website was created. I think that should be changed. This dress was bought by one of my first slaves back in 2007 when I was living in London. The last reason was to demonstrate that I look awesome just in anything, not just fetish or other sexy attire. I hope I convinced you! 😉


Leather booties

I wished for these pretty leather booties about 10 days ago and here they are…


Some of the recent funny enquiries

Czech guy: You are too pretentious. But you do look great.

My comment: Maybe that’s why?

German guy: You are very stingy. You do not offer much but want a lot of money. For nothing. But you are cute by the way.

My comment: Why not try this “All you can fuck brothel”. It seems to be much better value indeed.

Another German guy: I can’t give you those 150,- eur you require for social meet ups but I can give you 50,- if you meet me for coffee.

My comment: That would be totally worth it.

Dutch (?) guy: I thought true followers were also important for you, not just payments.

My comment: True followers are extremely important. They are coincidentally those who tribute.

Russian guy: Your service does not look very interesting but I want to know your rates anyway.

My comment: All timewasters should be this up front. It would save an awful lot of frustration.

Iranian guy: Would you like to do some sightseeing with me tomorrow? I can’t pay for your company but I can buy you dinner.

My comment: Do I look starved out?

English guy: I can’t afford your rate but can I pay with some tasks instead?

My comment: Jerking your cock for me sort of tasks?


1075ede5199591f5a963309b8c785ed9I did not find out who the owner of this image is – hence no credit.


Recently you treated me to…

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 16.35.43

2014-07-16 20.17.44Actually the webcam I have had for a while but forgot to post a picture…


Poll results

Thanks for participating.

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